20/02/2012 - West Berkshire – Treats for users on National Libraries Day

West Berkshire attracts users to borrow on National Libraries Day 4th February 2012.

In an innovative attempt to encourage the public into Libraries, West Berkshire Library Service put on a range of prizes for users borrowing items from any of the branches on National Libraries Day 4th February 2012.

Posters were prepared to advertise the event and these were put up in a variety of locations asking the public to support your local West Berkshire Library and discover what’s on offer.

An effective slogan was used to engage the public – USE IT. LOVE IT. JOIN IT!

West Berkshire National Libraries Day Poster

To further promote the event Christine Owen from West Berkshire Libraries invited key suppliers to support their campaign and asked for assistance in sponsorship.  Insight Media provider of their iCAM bookings and print solutions were pleased to help and offered a 10.1” ASUS 1015PX-BLK126S Black Windows 7 Starter Netbook as one of the prizes.

For anyone borrowing on the 4th February they could enter the competitor for free and the following prizes were on offer: -


West Berkshire National Libraries Day Winners

The day proved very successful and the picture shows the winner of the netbook prize Kar Wong with Councillor Adrian Edwards the Vice Chair of West Berkshire Council and Mike Brook Professional Services Manager.

Christine also added "We are very grateful to Insight Media for their generous sponsorship of West Berkshire Council Library prize draw for National Libraries Day. All our libraries saw significantly increased numbers of customers on the 4th February and there is no doubt that the chance to win a prize helped to boost use on the day. With luck we picked up some new regular customers as well as reminded less frequent users of how much libraries have to offer."

Insight Media were very pleased to support the West Berkshire event and hope our token gift helped as an incentive to increase the take up of library services.

For more information please contact us at info@insight-media.co.uk