14/06/2010 - Peoples Network restructure at East Lothian

East Lothian

Alan Cruickshank, IT Services Manager at the Council said “Insight Media’s solution has enabled us to completely restructure our Peoples Network, saving approximately £30,000 a year whilst expanding the service to include the WiFi hotspots. Insight Media have been an excellent partner to work with, consistently meeting the challenging targets set on this project whilst maintaining a customer friendly focus which has ensured minimal disruption to the libraries and the public.”

Over the last few months East Lothian Council have implemented significant changes to their Peoples Network to further enhance the library service.  This work has included changes to the underlying public network which has been migrated from its existing telecoms provision onto an ADSL system, with aspects of the service now being delivered as a managed service through Insight Media.  This new infrastructure was implemented along side a new PC booking system - iCAM Workstation Control, a new Print Management Solution - iCAM Printer Control and the rollout of a new public Wi-Fi system - iCAM Wireless Access Control, across all their libraries.

There can, in certain situations be significant benefits and costs savings associated with shared service delivery when working with strategic partners to deliver enhanced IT services.  This project is a prime example of how a review of service delivery by an IT department and the library service can lead to changes in service provision that not only saves money but significantly enhances the services provided.

Although there are many library authorities who have implemented shared, hosted and Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions for their Library Management Systems, the concept of externally hosted Peoples Network system is new. We believe that the migration of the Peoples Network on to ADSL and similar, more cost effective technologies to be revolutionary. This service is unique amongst our current client base and we are developing this service to work with a range of authorities standards.

We have a number of our exiting customers who have or are in the process of implementing our iCAM Workstation Control and iCAM Wireless Access Control as managed / externally hosted systems.  The migration to ADSL didn’t highlight any issues that we hadn’t already considered. There are aspects of these projects and the work we have done that will be of benefit to some of our other customers in the future.

This has been an interesting project to be involved in and in time we believe we will see more authorities exploring shared service delivery, strategic partnerships, externally hosted systems and even ADSL as part of their ongoing review of service delivery.

Dorothy Elliott Area Librarian at Musselburgh Library said:

"From the implementation side I would like to say how much we enjoyed working with Insight Media due in part to the patience and knowledge of their staff and how painless the introduction of Wi-Fi has been. The system is simple for staff to operate and control, statistics are easily accessible by management and the public of East Lothian have been able to join the 21st century."